The Best New Beers of 2015

A story published on about seeking out new beer in the new year. Published December 2015.

The Best Washington Beers of 2015

by Kendall Jones

island-hoppin-flight-275pxWashington is now home to more than 300 breweries, so it’s just about impossible to keep track of what they’re all doing. I admit that I have not sampled every new beer brewed in Washington, but I can assure you that I try. It’s a noble mission, something of a quixotic endeavor that annoys my wife and worries my doctor.

As in years past, hops seemed to be a recurring theme in 2015. Perhaps it’s because of our proximity to the world’s most productive hop-growing microclimate, the Yakima Valley, or perhaps it’s a reaction to the insatiable appetite of Washington’s hop junkies, whose collective love of uber-hoppy beers appears undying. For the more severely afflicted beer geeks, Washington brewers pumped out plenty of barrel-aged and sour beers this year, continuing to put their own Northwest spin on time-honored European styles.

In all, it was a very good year for Washington breweries, but here are the beers that stood out.

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